Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals for the New Year with tapestry diary

Hello one and all,
I hope your new year is off to a good start.  Do you have "blank" warp on the loom ready to have wefts sing through it? I do... two of the larger looms have warps in place, in fact.  I also have started my new year's tapestry diary on a frame loom.  I've completed two years now of doing a daily tapestry diary.  Each of those was on a continuous warp.  In 2010 my out-of-town days almost equalled my in-town days so I have many empty warps as a result of that.  I've determined to weave daily this year and so a frame loom will be the thing.

Please post what you're up to!


  1. I am making a committment to a 2011 diary on the tapestry loom this year. Tommye you are such a mentor and role model...thank you for sharing your talent.
    Ann Lynn

  2. Hi Ann Lynn,
    Great! Thanks for the thoughts. Post when you have time about progress on your 2011 tapestry diary... we'll all love to see it!

  3. I just move into a new studio Jan 1 so a new beginning for me. I am looking forward to getting back to my Mirrix loom. I have been weaving eccentric wefts using handspun yarn. I have many lice. :(

  4. LICE! The bane of tapestry weavers... although moths pretty much take first place. All joking aside, though...
    Lice in tapestry may happen for several reasons...
    --warp tension too loose, which allows for the warp to move more back and forth than it should rather than letting the weft slip down over and cover it.
    --weft too large to snuggle in between the warps and also scoot down to lie well packed against the weft in the pick below.
    --and... possibly the culprit in your weaving... eccentric wefts will give more of a challenge for covering warps since they will move out of the horizontal and meander along a diagonal. The steeper the slope of the diagonal that the eccentric weft is traveling over, the harder it will be for the weft to cover warps adequately.

    So... keep it up, check warp tension, check weft size, and most of all, allow lots of bubble in eccentric weft!

    Happier weaving to you!

  5. OH... one more point, since you mentioned you're using handspun... are there thick and thin points to the handspun? If so, that may also be some of the reason for lice.