Monday, March 8, 2010

Weaving for Reversible Fabric: Sewing in Ends

I am at the beginning of creating a wedge weave that I would like to be reversible.  I’ve decided to work with the ends as I go rather than waiting until after it’s off the loom.

Here’s where I came to the end of one bobbin of yarn:image

I did secure the end with a half hitch around the warp and brought the end to the front of the weaving.  image

I then split the yarn into it’s number of plies and distributed them around the warps.  image

The chocolate yarn breaks down into 4 plies, so I distributed two in either direction.  The far left and the far right ends were woven to hide them within the weave.                                                   image

From there I threaded each ply through a needle and fed it through the middle of the weaving next to a warp.  In this picture I’ve already finished the first and am about to pull through the second.image

The ends are carefully trimmed and i even pull a bit on the half hitch to hide the very tip of the yarn into the fabric. Then same is performed with the start of the next piece of yarn.


  1. Thanks for posting these details, Jennifer!

  2. I almost always sew my ends in, too. I sew them in when they're still right at the fell line. After sewing them in along a warp just as you show, I snip off all but a half inch or so. Because tapestry compresses as you weave above it, I've learned to weave another inch or so before the final trim. At that point a tug on the end takes up any bulky slack.