Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great ideas!

I think those are terrific ideas!! I will just have to learn how to post pix and other things. My husband and I have been taking Lynn Pollard's class, "Weaving Fabulous Cloth" this quarter. I am learning quite a bit from the class but I am exploring Moorman technique combined with shibori instead of tapestry for this class. The interesting thing is that it makes me think of tapestry. I have found that weaving has many "Ah So" moments for me and I'm weaving those characters. Naturally, there's a lot of "Ah So" in tapestry. This class is over at the end of March. I am really glad I'm taking it. It's helping me with focus as well as just plain learning a tremendous bunch of new stuff.
I am also working on tapestry but not very quickly. I'm finding tapestry very closely allied to photography in my mind and translating some photos into tapestry. I'm slow as Christmas but having a wonderful time.


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  1. Hi Terri,
    Sounds like you're having fun with Lyn. Please post some of your results with the shibori combined with Moorman technique--can't imagine how that might look and it sounds exciting. I've done a little with Moorman technique a few years ago. You say "slow as Christmas but having a wonderful time" and that's really all that matters! After all, almost any weaving method is very "slow art", isn't it?