Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I hope your holiday season is turning out to be a very good one for everyone of you.  May you celebrate the new year with lots of ideas for tapestry making and many happy hours seeing those ideas grow on your looms.

Speaking of looms, here's a link to a posting on my web site about setting up my large 60" loom.  This is the method I usually use for warping my upright tapestry looms.  The warp that was being done in the photos has been woven off now.  It turned into the tapestry called Leaf Dance that I finished in 2010.

Leaf Dance, 54" x 53", wool and cotton

Here's my little studio Christmas tree, by the way.  The teeny lights decorating the tree were sold at our local hardware store as "Flashing Holiday Necklace"--but I thought they'd be perfect for my little Norfolk Island Pine that lives at my studio.  Although you can't really see them, there are also three vintage glass ornaments on the tree that came from my grandmother's home.  They're fragile and quite special so I only pull them out occasionally.  I thought I'd enjoy them here this year.

So... have a happy and safe rest of the year!  Celebrate tapestry whenever and wherever you can!