Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Books about tapestry

Cathie Beckman recently asked a question on Weavolution about tapestry resource books.  I've catalogued most of my studio books at LibraryThing.  I've put tags on most of them, especially the tapestry ones.  Here's the link, if anyone's wanting to see what my library holds.  I can't say truly that I've read each and every one from cover to cover but have done so with many of them.

I continue to add books when I find good ones.  I just picked up a copy of the ATA Small Tapestry International 2/Passages catalog at the current exhibit location for the show, the Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen, Virginia.  It's an outstanding exhibit, by the way.  Thanks to Lynn Mayne for letting me know that the show was there--and it fortunately coincided with a planned trip to Richmond for my husband and me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Selvedge Workshop is FULL

I've received six deposits now and that FILLS the class for October 22! Thanks, folks. Pat & I are looking forward to it.