Monday, August 13, 2012

Upcoming class in Asheville, NC

Hope some of you will join us at this class!  There are a few spaces left right now.  Pat & I are hoping to have the list of participants by the 12th of October so we can send out some pre-workshop information to those who'll be coming.  We've got some interesting ideas percolating and it should be a varied and enlivening class--made even more so by wonderful thoughts from participants!

Pat Williams and I will once again be at Sutherland Handweaving Studio in Asheville, North Carolina, to teach a class.  Here's the link to the Studio's blog with description and details for signing up... maybe we'll see you there!

Design is a particularly challenging part of being a tapestry weaver.  Pat and I will offer our thoughts about the ways we approach the challenge.  Of course, our ways won't be the "right and only" answer for anyone but we hope we'll be able to give some insight to avenues for exploration.