Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rebecca Mezoff's Videos at Her Blog

Rebecca Mezoff recently posted a video at her blog showing a weft interlock technique used by James Koehler. She's graciously given permission for a link to that to be placed here:

Take a look! Rebecca did a great job with the video--it clearly shows the process.

As Rebecca says in the video, she is showing the technique done from the back of the tapestry. If you work from the front, then the process will be slightly different. Also, some of you who work from the front do this single weft interlock with wefts traveling in opposite directions, rather than with weft traveling in the same direction as Rebecca shows. All methods are equally right! It all depends on your preferred manner of working.

Here's another blog post from Rebecca with an exceptionally helpful video:

I highly recommend a regular visit to Rebecca's blog, by the way.  She does beautiful tapestries, makes wonderful photos, and shares so much about her process (as these videos show).  Rebecca also teaches workshops through the country.

Rebecca's blog is found at:

May your weaving days be long and productive throughout 2013 and many years to come!


  1. Hi Tommye,
    I posted a note on your blog yesterday and forgot to mention that I thought of you when visiting the Rockefeller estate, Kykuit, in Tarrytown, NY, this past fall. They had a dozen Picasso-designed tapestries in their gallery and they were fabulous! I thought his images were much better, more interesting, made that way than with paint. If you haven't seen them, they are worth the trip.

  2. Hi Karin,
    Thanks for your comments at my blog! Good to hear from you; when are you at Hambidge next?

    Glad to know about the Picasso tapestries at the Rockerfeller estate... maybe I'll have a chance to see them sometime!

  3. Tommye, thanks for posting this. :) You have reminded me that I have a whole pile of videos to make. I can definitely improve on those first two!