Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greetings -- hope everyone is happily weaving tapestry!

I hope you're doing well with life and weaving as we get well underway into the second month of the year--can you believe it?! I also hope all of you are getting a small piece ready for the ATA small format exhibit. Entry deadline has already passed, so if you didn't send your intent to participate already, sorry you missed it! Actual pieces are due by March 15. I'm entering--haven't missed one of these small non-juried exhibits since they began in 1996... BUT I have to get it designed and woven!!

I'd love to hear news from everyone. I read Lauren's blog so am keeping up with her adventures through that. Terri just got in touch by e-mail a couple of days ago. I follow Jennifer's blog, also and loved her documentation of the New Zealand adventure she and her husband recently had.
Any one else have a blog or other web presence that shows what you're up to? Please share, if you do.

I'm wondering how we can use the blog with the intent with which I started it about a year ago--to share ideas and to learn from each other. Any suggestions from anyone about that? One of the things that I've done during this year is to have another blog that I've set up with my ATA mentee--we've been sharing back and forth through that private blog since September and we're finding it a great way to communicate. She posts images and asks questions; I reply within the posting, sometimes adding images in response in addition to my written comments.

We could do something similar with this blog, among those of you who are authors to the blog... you could open a posting an edit within it to make comments that would show up in the posting rather than just by doing a comment that's in a pop up.

Here are some ideas I have for possible Q & A things:

--a warping tutorial for frame looms (specifically those like the Brennan-style copper pipe looms)
--a set of photos for setting up heddles
--mounting small tapestries on a fabric covered board
--warping a larger upright tapestry loom

Any other suggestions??


  1. I think it's all a great idea. It would be good to have one place where that information is stored. Other topics I'm interested in would be creating cartoons, working with Photoshop, tricks for keeping (or preventing) creep and growth in the fabric. Thanks for your persistence and patience!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Jennifer.
    I think we could set up the separate topics as pages on the blog and/or google docs. Those could be in the side bar and easily found. I like your "creep and growth" comment... what do you mean exactly... is it in following the cartoon or something else?