Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Posting to Tapestry Share blog

I wanted to mention to all who've found this blog--Tapestry Share--that it's one that I began a couple of years ago as a private one among several of my students and me.  I opened it for public viewing after about a year and have invited several other people to be authors along with me, folks who have been my students at some point or other tapestry teachers.  I welcome comments made to posts for the blog.  I'll be inviting others to be authors at some point in the future.  I hope everyone who finds their way here finds helpful and accurate information!

Teaching and learning about tapestry is very important to me.  I appreciate the wonderful teachers I've had in the past and hope to be able to share some of those skills that were so generously shared with me.  So... here's to teaching and learning!  Along those lines, I want to show the beginning of a class I'm currently teaching at John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina:


  1. I'll be checking this blog regularly -- thank you for creating it! There are no tapestry teachers in my area so I'm learning what I can from books, and videos. I'm a member of a fiber guild and though there are some weavers in the group, none are tapestry minded.

    Whatever knowledge and experience I gain I plan on sharing. Maybe then I won't be the only one interested in tapestry here in southeast wyoming


  2. thank you so much for this blog. i have never taken a class on tapestry but i started weaving 6 years ago and haven't stopped since. its really great to have a forum for tapestry weaving! i will check back often!