Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Author

Hello Tapestry Sharers

I am excited to be joining this excellent adventure. I've been weaving for 38 years, and exclusively tapestry for the past 27. If you want you can check out my blog, Tangled Web, at I hope to share some useful stuff, or help to add some links to stuff that's out there at other sites.
Jan Austin

PS I'm a firm believer in having lots of photos on blogs, so here's a photo of the mini-bobbins my husband helped me to design and make last week. More on that later.


  1. Welcome to Jan Austin! I've know Jan for many years now--since at least around the mid-1990s. I've admired her work for even more years than that. We visit with each other usually at each Convergence time, although--happily--Jan came through north Georgia a couple or so years ago and cruised by Pat Williams's studio where she, Pat and I had a great visit.

    Jan teaches tapestry at her studio and elsewhere and I invited her to join in to share along with us. Maybe she'll ask some of her students to become part of the sharing group, as well.

    Jan will be adding lots of great comments, hints, tips, ideas and more to the posts. She's also going to work on adding links to helpful things on the web.

    So... welcome, Jan! I'm looking forward to reading and seeing what you'll be sharing with us all.

  2. Welcome Jan! I look forward to the many contributions you'll make - but first i'm really curious about the bobbins!

  3. Welcome Jan! I also look forward to seeing your work, I shall venture over to your blog. Thanks for being willing to share your knowledge.

  4. I was just enjoying your blog--It's beautiful!