Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dashing All Around!!

Welcome to the New Year! I met it with a baaaad cold--stayed in bed for first 48 hours of the year, but am feeling much better. Not even sniffling much.

Today, being my feeling-all-better day, I got a call from my niece, Ingrid--she's in an Atlanta hospital with probably sepsis infection--a life-threatening thing. So, off I drive to Atlanta for the day. She's doing much better and I think she'll be fine. BUT!! I'm supposed to get 5 pieces of new tapestries to North Georgia College and State U. in Dahlonega ready to hang by holy moly Friday. Can it happen?? I have begun building the frames, begun cutting the foam core mounts, covering them with the diaper and cloth, but only one tapestry is sewn on board ready for frame. I will get up tomorrow and work like a dervish to get the other 3 ready to sew on, work on frames, etc. BUT, I am compelled to return to Atlanta to check on Ingrid again tomorrow but get back before predicted ice storm. I'm her substitute mother since her mom died 2 years ago.

Whew. A true race to the finish!!

Other news: I have both my 60" wide Leclerc and 48" wide Fireside warped and ready to weave. Am working on a 60 square inch cartoon, 6 epi for the Leclerc; and on the Fireside I expect to weave two, if not four more of my flower series-- each about 24" high by 10 or 12 inches.

My best wishes to all of you!


  1. Well, heck. I'll just comment on my own post. Niece Ingrid is pretty much in the clear, and we no longer have fears for this issue. Or any other, actually.

    I'm plugging away at the frames, etc. Husband Dearest is wanting a ride to -- get this -- south GA tomorrow. What will happen next? !!

  2. Good grief, Pat.... what a hectic time for you!!!
    I'm glad to hear Ingrid is going to be OK. I'm eager to see your pieces at NGCSU... I'll be taking only a couple of pieces over for the exhibit. Should be an interesting show with all of the variety of textile methods being represented.
    I'll post more about the exhibit once it's hanging, giving place, dates, hours the gallery is open, etc.
    Good luck with your very full next several days!!