Thursday, January 13, 2011

Portable tapestry & idea

Pat, Thank you for making this list more interesting and active. I'm going to add a note here. Reading this and the blogs is helping me keep going.

Not long ago I was reading Robin Spady's blog. On it she was discussing "et tui's" or little cases. I was also interested in finding a more portable way to take weaving with me as I go places. I remembered some little bookmark looms that my husband made for me to use with our girls and their friends when they were younger. The design was from Osma Todd Galliger's book The Joy of Handweaving. I was also inspired by Sidsel Moreb's little loom that she showed us in the fall TWS workshop. I didn't want to weave bookmarks--wanted to try tapestry on this little loom. So, I made me a small et tui from a pencil box that fit this little bookmark loom and supplies. It is working so far. The sett is 8 epi. There's a small pair of scissors under the loom that you can't see. So nice to learn from others!


  1. Great idea, Terri!
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Hey Terri,

    I absolutely LOVE your little kit. I've always enjoyed kits, and little things like that! As I think about it, I realize I have scads of little boxes and containers here and there all over the house. Please bring the kit to the workshop!!

  3. I will be sure and bring it. I enjoy having a small something with me. It can also be a converstation starter.