Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year to all of you (well, almost...)!

I hope everyone will have a grand 2011 with many tapestry adventures in the making.

Pat and I will be sharing with a group of six people at her studio in February, the first of what we hope will be many occasional sessions at either her or at my studio.  Our limit will most likely always be six while we are at our studios because of space considerations.  We'll post some comments following each session and hope those who take part will also post.

As we begin to share back and forth in this blog we can consider ways to do that to make it easy to read comments.  Of course, anyone can make a comment to a post and those will appear below the post itself.  But those of you who I've invited to be blog authors can also edit into a post that's been made, adding your own comments within the body of the post itself.  You can also make a new post, of course.

About editing into a post, my suggestion would be that each one who does so in the text of a post begin the comments with their name.  For instance, if I wanted to add a comment into a post, I could do it like this:

and then go on with saying whatever pearls of wisdom I was going to ramble on about...
then Pat might reply:
Tommye's comments are interesting... and to add to that, I've found....
to which Terri might say:
Well, both of you have given some food for thought.  I've also found that ...
then I might reply...
Great idea, Terri!  And, Pat... can't wait to see what you're working on in person to see how the example works.

Do you think something like this might work to keep our thoughts flowing but to also know who said what and when?  Other suggestions are of course very welcomed!

So, to end this New Year's post (in advance of the New Year)... let me leave you with a pearl of wisdom from someone else:

Three Strands in the Braid

Reach out with your Mind 
And touch the edges of each thing
            as it exists
The configurations
            of form and color
Bend and shape Awareness

Reach out with your Hand
And sense the depth
            of the texture of Life
The nature of warp and woof
The weaving of one way of being
            with another
Celebrate the compelxity
            of Wholeness

Reach out with you Heart
And sense
            the essence of things
Hear the throb of the Life Beat
The Universal pulse
That paces the beat of your heart
            and mine

Reach out with Mind
            and Hand
                        and Heart
And see how it is 
            that Life is One
            by the divisions of our perceptions

Reach out with Mind alone
            or Hand alone
                        or even with a lonely Heart
And see how it is
We limit ourselves

Celebrate the joining
            of the Three-Way Path
            and Hand
                        and Heart
Weave into a full perception
Join Wholeness
            and Dimension
                        and Diversity
Into a singularity of Vision

            Let it be so... 

Paula Underwood, from Three Strands in the Braid:  A Guide for Enablers of Learning 


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  1. PAT SAYS:
    Hi. And Happy New Year to everyone!! The tapestry I'm working on right now begs the title: "Hairy Hairy Night." Using navy blue mohair in the sky along with some pearl cottons and 1/8 in. wide glitter mylar. Gawd only knows how it will turn out.