Thursday, December 16, 2010


By Golly, the "Weaving On Your Own With A Little Help" workshop has filled. Got six people signed up. BUT, if you would like to come, we can put you on a wait list and if someone has to drop out, then we can crack a deal.

Hey--anybody out there? This blog could be sooooo cooool if we'd use it.



  1. I am so thrilled that I made it in under the wire. I can't wait to learn more and get some questions answered.

  2. Sorry I'll miss the workshop! Do you have another scheduled in the spring?
    I posted a comment under Sue wants to know, but guess you didn't get it. I'd love to see tapestry share take off! If you don't see my comment let me know and I'll repost here.
    Cathie Beckman

  3. Cathie Beckman said...
    I/ve tried cut and paste from the other comment site, let's hope that I did it right!
    Like Sue I have been bitten by the tapestry bug! Since I have been home I've completed a design and woven a 10 x12 sample of colors, and shapes, practice. I've warped the leclerc gobelin loom for a 27 x 30 something( I really do know the dimensions but I'm not near my notes,) piece. The piece is about the Cincinnati riots of 2001 , which I witnessed. I've been wanting to do this tapestry for 10 years and is one reason why I came to Georgia to study with pat and tommye. the tapestry loom I've only had for six months. This is a big leap of faith! But when I look at the design it's some curves and circles but mostly meet and separate and hatching. Sooooooo, I think I stand a chance if I can manage the size. I am taking the advice of using many bobbins of the same color when goingbthe full width because of drawn in. Any other advice? Have a stiff drink?
    I'm excited and this is all I want to work on!

  4. Gail Griffith said. . .

    I thought I would be able to keep a tapestry diary, but life intervened. However, I am working on another practice sample using old needlepoint yarns, which I hope to finish shortly. I've a more definitive piece in mind, which I hope to have well underway or finished before the gathering in February. One thing I've tried to do is keep a log of those days when I can work at my frame loom. The other is to read as much as possible on those off days.