Thursday, February 10, 2011

Help for Cathie!!

Cathie, congratulations on finishing the tapestry!

Let me say that blocking can be your friend.  I resisted blocking after my unsuccessful early attempts but through the link at Kathy Spoering's blog here and also Pat Williams' encouragement I have been happy with the process.  I don't block everything I do, especially the ones that are 60" or so is either width or length.  But those that are under 25" or so I have started blocking.  Even if nothing needs to be shrunk to fit (and that's the key... shrinking the wool weft, not trying to stretch it) the pressing gives a crispness to the surface that's nice.

I've briefly described about the way I block on my website at this link.

Also, if you've watched the YouTube video of Felix Haspel that Pat posted a short while back, you'll see the tapestry artist steam pressing his tapestry.

Good luck with the finishing off of the tapestry... and be sure to post a photo to the blog, if you could!


  1. first the Felix Haspel video was poetry in motion. Beautiful! But now onto another thought. I realized this a.m. that I have sewn all the slits with a polyester (good quality, Gutterman) thread. Is this going to effect the blocking process? Should I use a synthetic setting instead of a wool setting on the iron? I realize that not using the wool setting will effect the shrinkage I'm wanting but I don't want the polyester to melt! What's your experince/advice?

  2. The Gutterman will be fine. Use the wool setting... the poly won't melt... just don't hold the iron in one place for more than a few seconds... keep it moving. You can go over areas several times but keep it moving.

    You can put more of the steam heating to the buckled edges, as well since you want those areas to shrink more than the others.