Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A few photos from the recent tapestry workshop

Pat Williams graciously opened her studio for six students as Pat and I co-taught a one-day workshop, February 12, 2011.  Although each person was working on individual challenges on their own looms, we talked about meet and separate, several texture and/or line making methods (twining, soumak, weft chaining), using different textures of weft materials, and mounting small tapestries.  Pat also gave us a guided tour of her looms, works in progress, and some of her many small sketches from which she designs larger tapestries.

Here are a few photos taken during the day... our thanks to all who came and shared with each other in this workshop!  Pat and I hope to schedule another workshop in the future to be held at my studio.  Again, the number of participants will be limited to six.

Pat talks about different textures of weft

Dinah Rose's lovely tapestry used her own handspun wool; Gail is in the background pondering meet and separate on her tapestry.

Gail and Pat discuss the Kirsten Glasbrook tapestry book.

Dinah at the left... reaching for weft; top of AnnLyn's head next, then comes Ann and finally Gail around on the other side near the computer.  Several of Pat's tapestries hang in her studio... you can see four of them in this photo.

Nancy is barely visible at the upper left talking to Terri.  In the foreground is Ann, with AnnLyn and Dinah at the end of the table.

Pat discusses mounting small tapestries for display.

Pat pins the small tapestry down to the fabric covered mounting board.

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