Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hi ya'll,

I have still at it. Here is my latest tapestry. First question for you - can you tell what it is? It is about 6" square and the weft is 3 strands of perle cotton so that I could mix colors. Still need a little practice on that.

Tommye, I am finding I having trouble getting the initial weft hitch (when I add a new strand) it won't hold tight. Is this because it is slippery cotton or maybe I am not doing something right? Is this where you would stitch it down whilst you go? Just wondering.


  1. Oh, BTW, I wove it sidesways! I have a crick in my neck!

  2. Hi Lauren...Looks wonderful! Can't tell what it is...but the organic composition is quite effective. Looks like a close up of floral forms, maybe??

    About holding in the initial hitch with a slippery yarn...try putting an overhand knot at the end of the weft, leaving about 1/2 inch past it for the end. Snug the knot against the weaving at the back. That suggestion comes from Joan Baxter, a Scottish tapestry artist. She puts a knot at each hitch she does. I've begun to use that occasionally and it might be a way to keep the slippery yarn's hitch from sliding loose.

    Glad you posted!! Keep it up--and why not put post the portrait you sent to us all, as well?