Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hi all,

Are you still weaving? If you couldn't figure out what the last weaving I did was... it was a bumblebee on a flower. Organic shapes were right, Tommye. Thanks for your comments.

Here is another finished tapestry. If I left out the red I would say it was a lemon, the shape turned out to be fairly good for a lemon. Remember, I am still learning. I bought some wool at a local yarn shop in Kennesaw, worsted weight. I think the wool does much better than the cotton but I need the economy to pick back up so that I may go buy a large amount of various hues and shades because there just are not enough colors to choose from. I still don't understand yarn and weights and am afraid to buy off the internet. These were from the Brown Sheep Co. and they smell heavenly. I keep sniffing them.

My husband brought home these yarn snippets the interior design dept. at his office was throwing out. Great value gradation but only 4" long and not a wonderful feel to them. Any suggestions as to what can be done with them? Or should I just toss them out?


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  1. Hi, Lauren,
    I really love the two pieces you've posted. You have such talent at this. I'm not sure if you should throw out those pieces of yarn that don't feel good, but I know I've been working on a little tapestry (that isn't working at all!) using rug wool on large cones, stuff I bought at R&M years ago, and it doesn't work as well as the softer wool we used at Tommye's. I used it along with her yarn on the first tapestry and it was acceptable so maybe your 4-inch yarn bits could be used to fill in color gaps with your other yarn.