Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello--Let's have a blog together!


I'm starting this blog to see if we can use it as a means of communication about our tapestry learning experiences--both successes and challenges. I'm inviting the five of you from the CHG tapestry class first. Later I'd like to include other former students from classes I've taught at John C. Campbell Folk School and Arrowmont. I think this might be a way that we can show and share through words and photos and have these archived so we can easily find something again (I have trouble keeping up with attachments sent to e-mails!).

I'd like to keep this as a private blog, open only to those whom I invite. If you're interested in participating, follow the instructions that blogspot will send you. You'll have to have a google account (free) to access but that's easy to do... just follow the directions you're given in the invitation e-mail.

Once you've begun to access the blog, I'll change the settings to make each of you an author so you can post both entries and photos. At any time you can make comments to a blog posting.

OK... so let's start with a graduation photo from the end of our CHG class.

Send photos to me of your finished work and/or work in progress and I'll upload them until I've changed the permissions settings so you can also be an author on this blog and can post them yourself.

Here's wishing happy tapestry making to you!

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