Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playing around with Repper!

Many of you may already be familiar with Repper.  I've just learned about this pattern generating website through Alice Schlein's blog, Weaverly.  She's been designing with it and interpreting the designs with her TC-1 loom... fascinating!  Here's a link to one of her blog entries about it.  She's also teaching an online class through Weavolution in the use of the tool.

I played around with the free demo version a bit yesterday, using a photo of a recent tapestry for the image source.  I cropped into the tapestry and then turned the pattern generation over to Repper... here are some of the results that I saved:

Does this have potential for tapestry design??  Maybe!  I'll have to work with it a bit more to decide.  I haven't yet committed to buying the program, though... even through it's not too expensive.  Looks like it may be more for others than for me.  But I wanted to share a bit about it, anyway.  Take a look, if you want to, and decide for yourself it might become a useful designing tool for you.

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  1. I went to repper last night, and loved it - I think too much. don't envision it as much as a tapestry tool, but would be great in surface design, or fabric pattern design. Being a sucker for Kalidascopes I could play with it all day.