Friday, October 21, 2011

Four Selvedge Workshop is tomorrow

Six people will be coming to Dahlonega to have a workshop with Pat Williams and me.  Pat and I have been working with four selvedge warping since early summer, using Susan Martin Maffei's instructions from the DVD and also her written notes from her website.  We're going to share what we've been learning along the way.

Here are three recent little pieces I've done as I've tried something different in each one:

This is a Spelsau warp.  I noticed the hatching I was doing seemed to suggest fingers so I did hands at the top of the piece above the pick and pick area.  EPI is about 7.5 for this.  I was trying the alternative finish that Susan suggests on her website--using crochet hook to chain through the top of the loops to end.  I didn't allow for it at the bottom so it's only used at the top on this piece.

The warp for this is 12/6 cotton seine twine in a dark blue.  I added scrap picks of twine at both ends to give allowance to chain through the loops on each side.  I continued to see where I could take the hand designs, thinking of hand gestures but not using a cartoon.  This is about 8 epi.

Again I used the chaining of the loops to finish the little piece; this warp was a yellow-green linen and the sett was about 8.5 epi.

I've done about 20 of these small pieces now; earlier in the summer I was working with landscapes.  These last ones have been simpler.  Maybe by the time I do 20 more, I'll really feel comfortable with this warping method!

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  1. have fun tomorrow. Fun thing to learn and very useful for small format, especially.