Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tapestry Study Group at Chattahoochee Handwweavers Guild 23 June 2016 Loom Day

On June 23 our Tapestry Study Group shared some unusual looms that some members of the group were weaving on.

The most unique loom was shared by Susan Flowers.  She had been at the beach and didn't have a loom to weave on.  She went to the office supply store and purchased a wire basket  that us usually used to keep papers together on a desk.  She warped it and began weaving.  She also has a nice little storage area under the tapestry. In the pictures: Susan with her loom and then a close up of the loom.


  1. Great! Thanks for sharing to the blog, Terri. Post more when you can about the tapestry study group's adventures!