Saturday, June 29, 2013

John Moss Bobbin News from Janette Meetze's Blog

Janette Meetze has recently added a post to her blog about some of the bobbins available from John Moss.  With her permission, here's the link to that post.

John Moss has been making tapestry bobbins for a few years now.   I know John and his wife, Joy, since they live not far away.  I also know a bit about the back story about how he began to make these beautiful tools.  He describes his introduction to bobbins briefly at his website.  I've used an assortment of styles of the bobbins he makes since he began selling them and I really enjoy each one.

Sometimes students ask me how many tapestry bobbins I have and I have to say that I truly don't know!  I've been buying bobbins for over twenty years now and have quite a lot now, all bought a few at a time.  Bit by bit, the ones that I don't enjoy using as much are put into a separate basket.  Occasionally, I need to pull one or more of them out when I'm working on several pieces.  But, when I unwind left over wefts, I always organize the "favorites" and the "less than favorites" into groups.

In Janette's post she also mentions the Ymmyarns that's she's importing from Australia.  I haven't tried this particular yarn yet but plan to do so soon.

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