Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tapestry loom for sale in SW Florida--SOLD

Just saw this notice posted at WeavingSalesAds:

Fireside Cantilever-style Tapestry loom for sale. $400. Original price  - $2.775 Must pick up, 24” weaving width 12 dpi reed, 300 texsolv heddles, 2 treadles, cherry wood. Laura at raku9@... email for photos  SWFL

If you're interested in contacting the seller, let me know and I'll forward her email to you.  I don't know the loom or the seller and have no vested interest in this sale, but if this loom is in good condition, I do know about the Fireside Cantilever-style tapestry loom as I own one.  I like it the one I have very, very much.  A nice upright tapestry loom.

Update -- this loom has been sold

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