Sunday, May 13, 2012

Designing Thoughts

I'm working on a new tapestry design and, as always, find myself struggling with the composition.  Perhaps that struggle doesn't happen for some but it sure does for me.  From what I hear from some of you, it's often a challenge for you, as well.

So as I work out my ideas, I read and reread about both composition and creative process.  I've got many books about design and also that address creativity.  As I develop a composition, I often browse through my books and meander around the internet for helpful hints.  That was how I found myself back at a blog I haven't visited in awhile.  It's by Dianne Mize, an artist and educator who lives in north Georgia.  I've know Diane's work for years and have always admired it.  As I read her current blog post and then looked back at others she's archived, I realized what a great online resource she's creating.

Her tutorials are simple and to the point.  Here's the link to her blog... take a look and see what you think.  Challenge yourself to tackle designing for tapestry with some of these ideas in mind!  That's what I'm doing these days.


  1. Thanks for the link! Since I am still a new tapestry weaver, my problem is not composition ideas, but rather how they will be suitable (or not) to tapestry weaving ... a very tricky balance!

  2. Yes, Michelle, you're so right about suitability of a composition for tapestry weaving. Tempering the design idea with the weaverly idea is something that takes thought!