Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little tapestry started at Folkschool

This is a small tapestry about 3 inches wide, in-progress, on a 1/2 inch Archie copper pipe loom. I began weaving this while taking Tommye's tapestry design class at John Campbell Folk School in January.

I began by using a cartoon that I traced from some brushstrokes of paint on paper that we used in our creative exercises in the workshop. I was intrigued by the colors coming through and fading out against the background paper. I chose the colors from the weft yarns I had brought to the workshop.

As I got further into weaving the piece, I set the cartoon aside and allowed the colors and wefts to do the talking. This intuitive way of choosing color and blends has been very freeing and fun, but at one point, I got stuck and didn't know where to go with it.  I met up to weave with Joan Griffin in October and she suggested that I begin to fade out the colors to paler ones as I progress and that's what I've been doing here.

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  1. Tal,
    These photos look great! Thanks for posting the progress of this exercise. In fact, I think it will develop into more than an exercise by the time you get to the end!
    A series of small tapestries in this vein would be quite interesting to see together, wouldn't they? Maybe all the same size but with different details from brush strokes.
    Keep them coming!!