Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Four selvedge weave adventure

I'm trying four selvedge warping using Susan Maffei's directions shown in the DVD and also her written instructions that are available at the Brennan & Maffei website.  I'll have to say that I mucked it up yesterday on my first attempt!  I'll empty the loom and give it another go today.

I want to learn this process since I know it will be a beautiful way to work with small pieces and not have to deal with warp ends afterwards.  I was introduced to the method when in the Penland concentration with Archie and Susan a decade ago.  But I haven't used the technique since then.  I know what needs to happen to set it up right, I can see and hear Susan doing it on the DVD, I read and re-read the instructions--now, just have to get the motor control and the understanding of the process working together!


  1. I'm so very eager to get those DVDs. I check the site almost daily!

    I hope you'll post a photo or two of your warp once you get it working. :-)

    ~Sarah (admirer, weaver, and lurker)

  2. Sarah,
    You might want to e-mail Susan at the contact info on the website; I'm not sure when the DVD will be noted there. Let her know you're interested! They were going out of the country for teaching and may not be there right now... am not sure. The DVD set is jam-packed with information! I'm viewing bits and pieces almost every day and like the 4-selvedge description, am going back to parts of it over and over.

  3. Thank you for the suggestion! I did just that, and hope to hear from them at their convenience. I'm so excited by the very existence of this set; I live in a small town and have limited instruction available to me. Thank goodness for books and websites -- but the DVDs will be a huge leap in my knowledge base. :-)