Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looking forward to hearing what you are weaving

Hi All,
We had our phone line taken down by a delivery truck and were without internet or landline phone service for a bit. I've seen Tommye's invitation to get back to sharing and that sounds wonderful to me.
I am beginning to work on a tapestry and mangaged to have a small hill in the tapestry. Finally, I unwove it and went back to the twined base and straightened it out. You would think that would be obvious wouldn't you? At any rate, one challenge corrected and now to see if I can actually get some tapestry woven.


  1. Hi Terri,
    Glad to see you're here! I look forward to your posting some photos of what you've got on the loom.

  2. I'm not one of Tommye's lucky students, but I am working on my first tapestry warp...slowly. :-)
    Looking forward to reading and seeing what you all are doing!