Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Earth Day morning to all of you!

As my first celebration of Earth Day, I've just opened up our blog "Tapestry Share" for public viewing. The five of you who were with me for the recent CHG class are authors to the blog--if you want to be--and can also add posts and photos. I'm the blog administrator and can add to the side bar (web links and other gadgets). If there's anything you'd like to have there, please send it along to me and I'll be happy to put it there.

OK... so how does making our blog public celebrate Earth Day!? Well, maybe it doesn't really but seemed appropriate. Spring is in full bloom; Earth Day seems to be a time to stop and reflect about the precious nature of life. Of course, how we humans either contribute to or harm the vitality of the world in which we live is to be considered. But I like to use it as a day of reflection about the kind of life that I live in the world, as well. Part of my way of living is to share what I do. Since I don't do much except weaving that's what I have to share! So... back to celebrating Earth Day!

Here are a few photos of past tapestries in which I acknowledged, as best I could, a small bit of my continuing gratitude to the Earth for giving life to us all. I hope to be seeing and reading about your continuing journeys in tapestry very soon!

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  1. Thank you for opening up this blog! No longer in the Atlanta area, I am delighted to be able to follow what some of the CHG folk are doing. And thanks to Janice for tipping me off.